It was established 4/5/1988 from 42 establishing members. The title given was “ FRIENDS OF THE ARCHANGEL” with the rationale that those who come from the Municipality of the Archangel are able to be members of this union at first, but also those who love and are true friends of the Archangel. The goals of the Union are the following:

1. The association and tightening of relationships of all friends of the Archangel regardless of the place of earth they come from.

2. The study and projection of all the problems of the Archangel, and the coordination of activities all of its friends, for the solution of them, with the cause of promoting developing and utility of work.

3. The creation of collectivization inheritance for the execution of utility work at the Archangel.

4. The embellishment and development of the Archangel, the rise of social moral, spiritual and cultural standard of the habitants and friends of this community.

Exhibitions: On 8th November, the day of the Pamegiston Archangels, there is a ceremony and rotation of the miraculous icon. Following there’s a celebration feast and a traditional fair.