The Municipal Committee of the Municipality of Asopos, according to article 111 of the C.L. 410/95, consists of the Mayor and two members, since our Municipal Board consists of 15 members. In specific, today’s Municipal Committee consists of:
Hercules Trihilis – Mayor – President
Trihas Antonios – Member
Lianos Filippos – Member
Perdikis Panagiotis – Member
Spiridakos Panagiotis – Member
The duties and functions of the Municipal Committee follow the articles 111 and 113 of the C.L. 410/95, as they have been reformed by article 15 par. 7 L.2539/1997.

The most important duties are:
1. The composition of the Municipality’s budget.
2. The pre-examination of the statement of accounts.
3. The dispensation of credits that are in the budget, or have been added after reformation, except for the cases of par. 4,5 and 6 of article 218 as applies with L. 3202/03, article 29 ζ .
4. To form the conditions, compose the declaration and award all auctions.
5. To assign and approve commissions, projects and other expenditures (according to the integrated regulation of commissions of the Organization of Local Government and to article 17 of L. 2539/97) up to 8.804,10E. To assign, according to the regulations of C.L. 229/99, small projects up to 5.869,40E without report and only with the technical description of the project; and projects up to 10.271,46 after a report of its Technical Service.
6. The compromise or annulment of litigations with matters up to 14673,51.
7. The hiring of an attorney or the recall of the power of attorney.
8. The acceptance of inheritances, bequests and donations.