selida21_fotoB-1It was established November 1979, its clubhouse is at the Municipal Part of Asopos. Its offices are in a rented hall near the square and it has 170 members. It is administrated by 7 members of a board, which is elected, at the end of every second year with elections.

In the room of the hall there is a borrowing Library where one can find a mass of books. Also there are music lessons one can attend as well as dance lessons for the musical and dancing department, which consist of children from the Primary and high-school, which frame the feasts of the Union.

From 1987 a Blood Bank is preserved/operating at the Hospital of Sparti, which is enriched with regular blood donations, once or twice per year at the community clinic of Asopos. In time the cooperation with the NEΛE (Prefectorial Committee of Folk Further Education) at the hall of the Union, where there have been lessons lectured from specialists, such as computing, type-writing, weaving etc.)

There are also lectures given from specialists of several specialties (doctors, agriculturists, educators) regarding matters, which interest the habitants. During the 20 years that the Union is in operation, it has performed a lot of exhibits of which most of them are instituted to operate every year. The occasional exhibits are those of theatrical performances and concerts from companies and groups from Athens and other areas.

Activities regarding the environment, such as cleaning the beaches and tree planting in areas uncovered grounds; most important one is the planting of trees on the beach Bozas on May 1999.

Orderly annual exhibits.

On the night of Christmas Eve, children from the Primary School run to the neighborhoods of the village holding torches and singing traditional Christmas carols of the area.

On New Years day after church a feast is organized, for the children with the attendance of the Music department, which consists carols, Christmas songs and in season scripts, at the of which presents from the Union are offered to all the children of preschool and school age.

The last Sunday of the Carnival, exhibits are organized with a parade of floats and maskers on the central road of Asopos, which thrive with the Carnival spirit in the halls of the village as well as the beach of Boza.

The carnival started on 1983, it is based on the inspiration and creativity of the young people, it has a theatrical character with sketches and a lot of satire, and it was embraced by all in the whole of area with the participation of other groups from other communities and a mass flow of audience.

At the end of August a three-day cultural activity is organized for the children with theatric, musical and art exhibits from all the departments of the Union.

On 7th and 8th September (the day before and the eve of the celebration of the Virgin Mary of Gorgoepikoou) the union organizes a local feast in the square just like the old times.

Orderly or, one or twice per year the hall room of the Union in cooperation with publishing firms from Athens organize book exhibitions.

The union is founded with in the permissible limits and from the Municipality of Asopos.