Cultural Education

At the Municipality of Asopos are in operation the following Cultural and Athletic Unions :

1. Cultural and Educational Union of Asopos.
2. Cultural and Athletic Union of Papadianikon – Plitras “ THE ANCIENT KYPARISSIA ”.
3. Cultural union “ FRIENDS OF ARCHANGELOS ”.
4. Enterprising Union “ THE TRINITY ”.
5. Athletic Union of Demonia Amateur Fishermen.

The above Unions were established in our Municipality to fill the cultural gap, which par excellence possessed our area, to give a way out, for the young people’s free time and according to the articles of association, they have the following goals :

The revival and the preservation of our Cultural Inheritance and other Folk Mores and Traditions.

The performance of Cultural and Athletic exhibits.
The increase of the educational and cultural standard of its members.
The provision for the protection of the environment.
The creation of pure relationships between their members and the development of stable and creative relationships not only between the habitants, but also with those who come from the Municipality, but live abroad or in Greece.
In the Municipality the following institutes are in operation:

Three – class daily High School.

Four (4) daily Primary Schools.

Three (3) Kindergartens.

State day nursery.

Further from the education, which is offered to the children from the above Schools, it is also important to educate them in the fields of Civilization through the Cultural Unions, such as the learning of traditional dances, music, string and wind instruments.

Municipal Philharmonic

A separate NP was established in 1998 with the name Municipal Philharmonic, to the newest Municipality of Asopos. Its goal is the cultural step-up of the Municipality. The NP’s resources are the following:

The annual grant-in-aid of the Municipality. Already on the budget of 2000, it has been given a credit of 6.000.000 Drs.
The States orderly or extra grant-in-aids.
Any kind of donations, contributions, inheritances and incomes from exhibitions.
It is administrated by a board of 9 members with a President and Mayor, who has given this appositeness according to the law to the president of the Cultural Union of Papadianikon.

With the cooperation of the Cultural Unions and the purchase of the first musical instruments from the Municipality, in 1998 begun the learning of music for children of the Municipality and already the progress is in a satisfying standard, since not only they have attended the Municipal’s own Cultural mores, but has also been invited to take place in other Cultural performances out of the Municipal’s borders, such as the Municipality of Krokeon Lakonias, and the Municipality of Moschato Attikis etc.