selida21_fotoA-1It was established in 1995, its clubhouse is in Papadianika and it has 250 members.

From its establishment till today it has presented a multifaceted activity. It maintains the departments of the Philharmonic; there’s already been a commendation of a new NP with the brand name Municipal Philharmonic of the Municipality of Asopos, dance and music. There is a blood bank for the service and help of the citizens. In orderly periods the union organizes meetings and lectures regarding subjects, which concern the area and problems of its citizens. There has been an enormous struggle to maintain the local mores and traditions, which tend to be extinct. In specific dates there are important exhibits organized for our area. In September celebration of the fig takes place, organized with the attendance of the local orchestra as well as the attendance of children from the dance and music department of the Union.

On 26th October the Union plays the leading part on the organization of the one-day exhibition in honor of our Patron Saint, Saint Dimitrios. During Christmas and New Years Eve, the traditional carols from the Philharmonic orchestra, give a special feast color to all the municipal parts of the Municipality. On the New Years Eve, at the hall of the Union they organize a celebration for the children where Santa Claus offers them presents. Also during celebration days the hall exhibits handicraft from the ladies of the Union. During the Carnival, to be more specific on Mardi Gras there is a satire theatrical play organized with great success, having as leading actors the members of the Union and the manuscripts are written from the members themselves. After that, follows a great feast with fire, offering of delly and wine. Also on the last day of the Carnival the municipality attends the parade of Asopos with the performance of dancers and floats.

On Maundy Thursday morning starts the ban of Juda from the neighborhoods of the village. Reaching the Sunday of Easter, which consists of lamb skewering, the burning of Juda and a feast. On May Day we organize an exhibition of books with a selection of the publishing firms. In the summer, with the initiative of the Municipality, professional groups take the responsibility of cleaning the beaches. During the first days of August we organize Five-day cultural exhibits, in Plitra, where every day has its own special interest.

The Union is founded with in the permissible limits and from the Municipality of Asopos.